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Bogota graffiti street art

The Colombian capital, Bogotá has became in one of the most artistic – graffiti friendly cities in Latin America, with hundreds of professional graffiti artist who are in constant search for public spaces, free walls and also some private walls. Walls where our locals – Colombians express the ideas with artistic style, and abstractions paints the feelings of Bogotá, Colombia´s social, political or economical general situation.

But no always Bogotá was tolerant with the graffitis on the Bogotá´s walls. Me, as Colombian I know in the beginning of 21 century Bogotá population considered the Graffiti as an act of vandalism made by criminals, robbers or as we said in spanish by “ñeros”

Between 2010 and 2013 the Graffiti culture had the strongest change from a simple – easy graffiti to graffiti with a very complicated work, graet beautiful styles and with social, political or economical messages.

The regulation of the practice of graffiti in Bogota does not change until a young graffiti artist of 16 years old from Bogotá was murdered by a police man. That case highlighted the need for regulation and consolidating bases and actions permitted limits of the graffiti, the police and political officials in Bogota.

Now and after a year of  a consolidating of graffiti comunities the city now made clear decrees where allow the graffitis in spaces gave by the Bogota´s mayor office, now the artists has clear where to paint and where not.

The Bogotá´s mayor office summoned Graffiti artists to embellish one of the Bogotá´s longest avenues named “26” since 22 of July, 2013 until August 6, the call was also made to international artists like BLN BIKE (Belén Jaramillo from Ecuador) or Elliot Tupac from Perú.

The following are some photos of the great and big work made by many graffiti artist in the 26 avenue which you could see on our Best graffiti bike tours in Bogotá. Take a look.

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