Bogota Walking tours in La Candelaria

Walking Tours in La Candelaria – Bogotá

On the Walking tour you will visit the Political and administrative center as well the best churches and museum in the Bogota historic centre it is where our guides will guide you in relation on the best political stories and intrigue secrets. Also the tour guide will explain you the most outstanding things and Colombia´s growing history to know the last process of change in Colombia.

You will see the famous Bolivar´s square surrounded by beautiful palaces and then you will visit historical buildings as San Agustin church, Santa Clara museum and important buildings related with political stories and perhaps you will be able to give kind regards to our Colombian president in the presidential house.

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Walking tours includes:

  • English – Spanish speaking local Tour Guide.

The Cost Per Person

Colombian pesos (per person)
Dollars (per person)
1 – 2 people ($35.000)
US $20
3-4 People ($30.000)
US $17
5 – 10 People ($20.000)
US $11


  • Tuesday through Sunday
  • The first departure is at 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 (UTC/GMT – 5)
  • The second departure is at 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 (UTC/GMT – 5)
  • Walking tour time: 1:30 hours aprox.



  • Ph: (57) + (1) + 2826313. Movil: (57) + 313 3680441. Address: "Calle 12F # 2-52" or "Calle 16 # 2-52" (Both addresses are the same place) La Candelaria.