We offer all type of excellent bicycles (Mountain bikes – Beache cruiser bicycles – City bikes – Folding bikes and Beer bikes).


Bicycles Available:


  • Mountain bikes or Full suspension bikes:

If you need or want a bicycle for dirty roads we have the right ones. We offer different styles, colors and qualities to make you choose your favorite. See also MTB Tours.


  • Cruiser beach bikes:

See and enjoy the city with our comfortable beach style bicycles , all of them includes (Nice design + Basket + suspension in the chair + Horn) All that in one bicycle. (Note: All our bikes has gears).


  • City bikes – Urban bikes

This bikes are great for the city, when you want to go fast.


  • Folding bikes:

We offer different types of Folding bikes with or without gears or clasic (60s) folding bike and easy to carry.


  • City bike with baby seat:

Ride with you family. Great bikes for family tours. Our bickes includes the all important equipment for your baby.


  • Tandem bikes:

For couples that want to have fun riding in Bogotá and for couples which one of the riders don´t know how to ride a bike very well.


Remember we offer the best Bogota bike rental GUARANTEED


Bicicleta doble - Tandem bike

Tandem bike

Bogota bike rental

Bogota bike rental

Bogota bike rentals

Bogota bike rentals


Bicycle rental at the north of Bogotá:

Every sundays and holidays rent a bike with us in front of the Hilton hotel. (Carrera Septima 7a No 72- 41). Find us from 8:30 a.m to 2:30 p.m.


Bogota Bike rental price:

Bike rental price in the north of Bogotá (Every Sundays & Holidays).

Just in front of the Hilton hotel (Cra 7 # 72-41)

Type of bicycle Cost per hour. Cost for 4 hours. The rent includes
  • Mountain Bikes with gears (with suspension)
  • great cruiser bikes with Shimano gears.
  • Folding bikes with gears.
$15.000 Cop /Us $14 $60.000 Cop /Us $28 Adjustable helmet + Padlock.

Bike Rental prices in Bogotravel tours office (Down – town, Calle 16 # 2-52 or Calle 12F # 2-52

Type of bicycle Cost for 4 hours Cost for 8 hours-Full Day The rent includes
Simple Bike with gear. $30.000 Cop /Us $11 $60.000 Cop /Us $22 Simple helmet + Padlock + Foot reflective bands.
Standard urban Bike with gear and front suspension. $30.000 Cop /Us $11 $60.000 Cop /Us $22 Adjustable helmet + Padlock + Footreflective bands.
Mountain Bike (Medium level), cruiser bike with gears or Folding bikes without gears. $35.000 Cop /Us $13 $70.000 Cop /Us $26 Adjustable helmet + Padlock + Footreflective bands.
Mountain Bike or Folding bikes with gear with aluminum frame. $40.000 Cop /Us $15 $80.000 Cop /Us $30 Adjustable helmet + Padlock + Footreflective bands + Water bottle.
Semi urban bike with gears + suspension + Baby sit. $50.000 Cop/Us $18 $90.000 Cop/Us $32 Adjustable helmet + Baby sit + Baby helmet + Padlock + Foot reflective bands.
Tandem bike with gear $70.000 Cop/Us $25 $120.000 Cop/Us $42 2 Adjustable helmets + 2 sit with suspension + Padlock.




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