Bogota graffiti bike tours

We offer the best Bogota bike graffiti tours, guided by LOCALS through different Bogotá graffiti highlights, where you will enjoy and see the real Bogota street art, where you will visit from Historical places to Bogota´s real suburbs or slums. See the social situation as well local neighborhoods where the customer will be in touch with the local people and how the graffiti express the social ideas – thoughts by local artist on the wall. On the Graffiti Bike tour you will see the best graffitis and murals which are made by Colombians who express their feelings of the present social situation, social troubles and the Armed conflict of Colombia on the street walls in an artistic style. Remember you will see the real city, the hidden corners and you will visit the less touristic atractions and the most unexpected places that you would never visit without a local guide. Learn more about Armed conflict in Colombia, Colombian social troubles and Bogotá´s social situation with the best Bike graffiti tours in Bogotá, guided by LOCALS and excellent bicycles (GUARANTEED).



Bogota graffiti bike tours

Homage to the best colombian critical political killed by paramilitaries

Bogota bike tours of best graffitis

Bogota bike tours of best graffitis

Bogota graffiti tour

Taking a look how to paint

Graffiti about the risk of the manipulated information

Graffiti Bike tour

Graffiti Bike tour

Bogota graffiti tour

Criticism against gold mining in Colombia

Bogota street art


Bogota graffiti tour

Criticism about Colombian armed conflict

Bogota graffiti tour

No more displacing people

Bogota street art

Colorful psychedelic face

Bogota street art - Tx

Bogota street art – Tx

Bogota bike tours of best graffitis

Bogota bike tours of best graffitis

Bogota graffiti bike tours

Bogota graffiti bike tours

Bogota graffiti tour

Bogota street art

Bogota graffiti tour

Bogota graffiti tour

Bogota graffiti tours

Homage graffiti to the workers of the factory area in Bogota.

Bogota graffiti tours by bicycle

Homage to the best critical political killed by paramilitaries

Homage mural for the victims of our armed conflict

20000 victims, Homage mural for the victims of our armed conflict

Bogota grafffiti tours

Honorable congress

Bogota´s murals

Bogota´s murals

Bogota´s murals

contemporaneous – Cosmopolitan graffiti

Bogota´s murals

Homage to Jorge Eliecer Gaitan – Most important leftist politician killed on 1948



Tours en bicicleta por Bogota



Ofrecemos los mejores tours en bicicleta Garantizado. Nuestros ciclopaseos por Bogotá son guiados por nuestro staff LOCAL profesional. Usted conocerá la verdadera Bogotá y su realidad social. Visite lugares donde los turistas convencionales no pueden ir.

En los Tours en bicicleta por Bogotá visitara y aprenderás sobre el centro histórico – político en donde nace Bogotá, nuestros mercados típicos, las principales plazas, parques e iconos arquitectónicos, el centro internacional, galerías de arte urbano en la calle en donde podrá ver los mejores graffitis artísticos con conciencia social o tinte político (Tour en bicicleta de Graffitis) degustará de la variedad de frutas, probará la comida típica de Bogotá y Colombia. Conocerá el proceso de tostion y exportación de Café y algunos secretos del Café Colombiano.

Con nuestros guías bilingües aprenderás sobre aspectos como el desarrollo político-económico que ha tenido Colombia en los últimos años, las cicatrices del conflicto armado colombiano y la huella histórica de Pablo Escobar.


Recuerde que ofrecemos los mejores tours en bicicleta por Bogotá GARANTIZADO. Si conoce un mejor tour en bicicleta y lo puede comprobar llámenos y le ofrecemos el nuestro GRATIS.

Bike tour in bogota

Tours en bici Bogotá

Tours en bicicleta bogota

Los mejores tours en bicicleta por bogota

Ciclopaseos Bogotá

Ciclopaseos Bogotá







Lugares que podrás visitar en el Tour en bicicleta:

  • Centro histórico – político y colonial de Bogotá. (La Candelaria).
  • Plazas históricas, representativas y e importantes (La plaza de Bolívar – Plaza del Chorro de Quevedo – Plaza del Rosario)
  • Lugares con antecedentes históricos que cuentan un poco del pasado conflicto armado en Colombia.
  • Mercados tradicionales de frutas típicas en Bogotá.
  • Zonas universitarias y las más reconocidas en Colombia y a nivel internacional.
  • Visita antigua Colonia Inglesa y Alemana.
  • Lugares de rumba y Gastronomía.
  • Visita a una típica tostadora de café.

Los tours en bicicleta por Bogotá incluyen:

  • Excelentes y nuevas Bicicletas de diferentes estilos y modelos con cambios Shimano para hacer del tour mas cómodo (Mountain Bike, Bicicleta playera, bicicleta plegable, bicicleta urbana).
  • Guía nativo de Bogotá. (Inglés – Español – Aleman).
  • Fotos que serán tomadas durante el tour y posteriormente enviadas a su email.
  • Equipo (Casco, Bandas reflectivas para las piernas, Candado, Chaqueta impermeable).
  • Nuevas experiencias y diversión garantizada.

Precio del tour en bicicleta:

  • 40.000 Pesos Colombianos / 20 Dolares (Us), Valor por persona.

Tour en bicicleta bogotá – paseos en bicicleta bogota – bicitour bogota 


Bogota Walking tours in La Candelaria

Walking Tours in La Candelaria – Bogotá

On the Walking tour you will visit the Political and administrative center as well the best churches and museum in the Bogota historic centre it is where our guides will guide you in relation on the best political stories and intrigue secrets. Also the tour guide will explain you the most outstanding things and Colombia´s growing history to know the last process of change in Colombia.

You will see the famous Bolivar´s square surrounded by beautiful palaces and then you will visit historical buildings as San Agustin church, Santa Clara museum and important buildings related with political stories and perhaps you will be able to give kind regards to our Colombian president in the presidential house.

See more photos of the Walking tour.

Walking tours includes:

  • English – Spanish speaking local Tour Guide.

The Cost Per Person

Colombian pesos (per person)
Dollars (per person)
1 – 2 people ($35.000)
US $20
3-4 People ($30.000)
US $17
5 – 10 People ($20.000)
US $11


  • Tuesday through Sunday
  • The first departure is at 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 (UTC/GMT – 5)
  • The second departure is at 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 (UTC/GMT – 5)
  • Walking tour time: 1:30 hours aprox.



Bogota bike tours and rentals

We offer the Best Bike tours in Bogota GUARANTEED. Our Bike Tour in Bogotá is a great, fun and easy way to enjoy the capital of Colombia and explore the real city. Our Bike tours are guided by LOCAL bilingual tour guides. It take you to the best places to visit as well as Bogota best secrets and less tourist attractions (Mix). Our local professional guides will bring you through Bogota historical places, museums, political and administrative center and places where tourist never go. But the guide will share with you real experiences lived during the armed conflict of Colombia.

Also you will learn the security evolution made since Pablo Escobar´s time, the guide will tell you the political and social development. Also enjoy and taste our passion fruits, look and enjoy the real Bogota street art (Bike tour of Bogotá´s graffitis), visittraditional coffee factories, and places that the books, Google o Wikipedia never shows.


Bogotá best bike tours photos.



Bogota Bike Rentals

If you want to explore Bogota at your own pace with our bicycle hires. Good Bicycles, helmet and the rest of equipment are provided with the rental bike.


Places you can visit on our bike tours:

  • Historical and Colonial areas. (La Candelaria-Teusaquillo-Chapinero-Usaquen)
  • Biggest Political administrative center in Colombia.
  • Amazing local Fruit Markets (Paloquemao market-Nieves market).
  • Famous parks (National park – Simon Bolivar´s park)
  • Coffe factorie + German Colonia.
  • Places where you will learn about the scars of the armed conflict in Colombia.
  • Party places (Zona Rosa-Zona G-Zona T).

Learn in our bike tours about:

  • Recent colombian history and its secrets discovered recently.
  • Armed conflict in Colombia – Pablo Escobar (Drug diler) war – Real social situation.
  • Narcotrafic stigmatizing.
  • Colombian musical culture.
  • Typical – Traditional food and fruits.
  • Real social situation.
  • Traditional sports

Bike tours includes:

  • Great Bikes with gear lever.
  • Amazing experiences
  • Photos taken in the tour for free.
  • Gastronomy experience
  • English speaking Tour Guide
  • Equipment (Helmet, safe bands for the legs, padlock, raincoat jacket)

Bike tour price:

  • Bike tour price is: $35.000 COP / USD $20.
  • Transporation service from / to all Hotels of Bogotá is: $60.000 COP / USD $34. From 1 to 4 people.


 Bogota bike tours and rentals – Bogota bicycle tours and rentals – Bogota bicycle tours and bike rentals

Bogota graffiti street art

The Colombian capital, Bogotá has became in one of the most artistic – graffiti friendly cities in Latin America, with hundreds of professional graffiti artist who are in constant search for public spaces, free walls and also some private walls. Walls where our locals – Colombians express the ideas with artistic style, and abstractions paints the feelings of Bogotá, Colombia´s social, political or economical general situation.

But no always Bogotá was tolerant with the graffitis on the Bogotá´s walls. Me, as Colombian I know in the beginning of 21 century Bogotá population considered the Graffiti as an act of vandalism made by criminals, robbers or as we said in spanish by “ñeros”

Between 2010 and 2013 the Graffiti culture had the strongest change from a simple – easy graffiti to graffiti with a very complicated work, graet beautiful styles and with social, political or economical messages.

The regulation of the practice of graffiti in Bogota does not change until a young graffiti artist of 16 years old from Bogotá was murdered by a police man. That case highlighted the need for regulation and consolidating bases and actions permitted limits of the graffiti, the police and political officials in Bogota.

Now and after a year of  a consolidating of graffiti comunities the city now made clear decrees where allow the graffitis in spaces gave by the Bogota´s mayor office, now the artists has clear where to paint and where not.

The Bogotá´s mayor office summoned Graffiti artists to embellish one of the Bogotá´s longest avenues named “26” since 22 of July, 2013 until August 6, the call was also made to international artists like BLN BIKE (Belén Jaramillo from Ecuador) or Elliot Tupac from Perú.

The following are some photos of the great and big work made by many graffiti artist in the 26 avenue which you could see on our Best graffiti bike tours in Bogotá. Take a look.

Bogota graffiti

Bicycle graffiti

Graffiti against the petroleum extraction in Colombia


Bad boy

Bogota´s Graffiti

Bogota graffiti bike tour

Painting a graffiti with social conscience

Bogota Mural of Jorge Eliecer Gaitan

Bogota Mural of Jorge Eliecer Gaitan

Honorable congress

Homage to the best critical political killed by paramilitaries

Homage to the best critical political killed by paramilitaries

Bogota Graffiti bike tours

Bogota Graffiti bike tours

Tejiendo Esperanza 1

Tejiendo Esperanza

Tejiendo esperanza

Tejiendo esperanza

Bogota graffiti – street art

Beso en el "Bronxs" - Kiss in the Bogota´s Bronxs.

Beso en el “Bronxs” – Kiss in the Bogota´s Bronxs.

Violence graffiti

Painting a graffiti with social conscience
Making a graffiti with social conscience

Conmemoration to the political victims of the persecution of Colombian goverment.

Wrote by: Fernando Morales – Bogota graffiti bike tours

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Jaime Garzon Bogota Bike tour-Ciclopaseo


Bogota Graffiti bike tours

Bogota Graffiti bike tours

Participa en un tour histórico – político haciéndole homenaje a Jaime Garzón y memoria a los sucesos en Colombia mas relevantes, crueles, inhumanos e impunes como el del Colombiano Jaime Garzón. sucesos imposibles de olvidar.

El tour iniciara desde el centro histórico (La Candelaria), visitando el centro internacional, colonia inglesa, teusaquillo, Barrio Santa fe, Centro de memoria paz y reconciliación y para finalizar una sorpresa COLOMBIANA especial.

Los esperamos.

Costo: $35.000 Cop.

El tour Incluye:

  • Excelentes bicicletas de diferentes modelos.
  • Guianza bilingue.
  • Visita a diferentes atractivos privados y públicos.
  • Sopresa Colombiana.

Los esperamos.

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Mountain biking Colombia


Mountain biking colombia

Explore the Bogota´s countryside on our amazing mountain bike tours. 20 minutes from Bogota you will be transfer to top of Guadalupe Hill (3.250 mts / 7.708 feets) where you will begin with stopover of the best and beautiful view of the all city, from the highest top you could appreciate the real size of Bogotá city (Better than Monserrate hill).

Then we will transfer you to the entrance of the road up (3.400 mts / 8.060 feets) ; It is a dirt road which has over 16 Kilometers of downhill, flat dirt roads and short ascents with an amazing natural landscape of Bogota´s country side.

On the way you will ride inbetween espectacular and gorgeous valleys that mix big potatoe plantations and Frailejon forests (Native plant only possible to find in Colombia upper 3.100 mts / 7.352 feets).

At end of the tour we will ride on asphalt the 3 last steep ascents and to start our final trip we will stop at the base of La Calera´s Mountain peak from where you will be able to enjoy an asphalt descent of 6,50 kilometers /4,03 miles until get to Bogotá city.

This tour mix different sensations and situations of adrenaline.


RidingRiding down, Mountain bike tours bogota


Mountain bike tours bogotaGoing up, Mountain bike tours bogota


Mountain biking tours bogotaMountain bike tours bogota
Mountain biking ColombiaMountain biking Colombia
Mountain biking ColombiaMountain biking Colombia
Mountain biking ColombiaMountain biking Colombia


Mountain bike tours includes:

  • Great Mountain bikes
  • English – Spanish speaking tour guide specialized in Mountain Bike tours.
  • Equipment (Helmet, elbow & knee protection, gloves).
  • 1 bottle of Water.
  • Chocolate snack
  • Transportation from Bogotravel tours to Guadalupe hill.
  • First-aid kit. 

Mountain bike tour price:

  • It price is: $90.000 COP / USD $49 per person. Minimum groups of 3 people.
  • $40.000 Cop / Usd $19 supplement per person for only 2 people.


  • Monday to Saturday
  • The Mountain bike tour depart at 10:30 a.m. and it ends at 3:00 p.m
  • Mountain Bike tour duration : 5 hours aprox.

Physical level: 2 – Medium (Recommended for people with height tolerance a bit practice riding mountain bycicle) 


Additional information: 

  • This is not a single track ride.
  • Max elevation: (3.400 mts / 8.060 feets) – Min elevation: (2.640 mts / 6.260 feets).
  • No cost option: You can ride back to our office trough the city by a guided tour.

Transportation services:

  • The pick up service is not included except for La Candelaria. (Adittional cost – outside of La Candelaria).


Note: Take with you only the necessary things (Camera, snacks, waterproof jacket etc.)


Book now

  • Ph: (57) + (1) + 2826313. Movil: (57) + 313 3680441. Address: "Calle 12F # 2-52" or "Calle 16 # 2-52" (Both addresses are the same place) La Candelaria.